Welcome to the Weyrmount, the other home of the Ultima Dragons! Here you can find all the information you will need to get up and running quickly.

First, if you are unfamiliar with the Weyrmount or who we are, it's suggested you start with the historical links. The first entry describes who the Ultima Dragons are and 'Core of Darkness' details the history of the original Weyrmount. For those interested in the underlying technology, the sections on MUDs and MOOs cover the history of the technology that made Weyrmount possible.

In order to log into the Weyrmount, you will need a MUD client. The section on telnet clients provides some suggestions for various platforms.

Once you have a client you feel comfortable using, all you need to do to access the Weyrmount is to log into: 8000

For those unfamiliar with telnet, is the host and 8000 is the port number. Also, make sure you set whatever client you are using to telnet as Weyrmount does not support SSH.

Basic Commands

Below are some basic commands you may find helpful. If you are new to MOOing or have any questions, please feel free to @page a wizard. Wizards are the admins on Weyrmount, and will be best able to help you. We recommend you do this instead of contacting a player you may not know. Also, please @knock and wait for an invite before joining a player. Sometimes people may be having a private conversation!

Guest login co guest
Request a player @request [name] for [email]
Player login co [name] [password]
Wizard list @wizards
Player list @who
Help help [optional topic]
Look look
Look at X look at [object/player]
Ask to be invited @knock [player name]
Join player @join [player name]
Talk to player to [player name] [message]
Say to room say [message]
Page player page [player name] [message]
Turn on Ansi Color @ansi-o +all
Turn off Ansi Color @ansi-o -all

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the site or Weyrmount itself, feel free to reach out to me at: